#1 – The Haunted Mansion, Part I: Some Context

A Quick Note:  I had originally intended for the Top 5 Series to be a weekly thing.  However, it dawned on me that I would run out of categories sooner rather than later which would suck for both me and you (the reader).  So, I’ve decided that it’ll be a monthly segment.  BUT – since some of these stories have so many details – they will be continuous throughout the month (if that makes any sense?).  No matter, we’ll work it out…stay with me people!

This month’s Top 5 Category is the top 5 experiences I had while in college.  While there are a good deal more than five crazy times, I think the ones I’ve chosen have got to be my favorite.  Unfortunately, I went to college pre-iPhone, so there are no photos of these crazy antics.  It’s just as well though – after all, photos are evidence.  🙂

I went to college at a small school that usually renders people to say something along the lines of, “Oh, I’ve never heard of it.”.  Cabrini College is located in Radnor, Pennsylvania – just outside of Philadelphia and right next to Villanova.  It’s a small college – I’d say only about 1,000 students total (I know it’s probably more than that but not by much) and was far enough away that I didn’t need to live at home.

On Cabrini’s campus is a mansion that was previously owned by the owner of the Campbell’s soup company. While it is currently the location for the Office of the President, it is also home to the college Writing Center where I happened to be doing my work study.

Now, when you go to college, you hear all sorts of crazy stories: someone once jumped off a building, people like to go to the field and have sex at 2:30am for good luck, etc.  At Cabrini – you hear stories about the mansion:


First of all – look at that fucking thing.  It’s huge!  Now, according to legend, I believe the daughter of the Campbell’s soup dude, Mary, fell in love with a stable boy named Xavier.  They had a baby and the night her father found out, he got super pissed and went to confront Xavier.  Xavier was a little bitch and hung himself from the bell tower of the chapel.  Mary got so upset that she threw herself off the balcony, killing herself and the baby.

It’s been said that Mary haunts the mansion, as well as the girls’ Woodcrest dormitory.  Xavier’s body has been “sighted” hanging from the bell tower and Mary’s father, who wore a top hat on the night of Xavier’s death, can be seen circling the premises of the Mansion.

Now, legend also has it that Xavier was going to the mansion to find Mary (in an attempt to run away together).  Her father found him while he was wandering through the mansion and hung Xavier in an effort to make it look like suicide.  It is said that Xavier and Mary haunt the mansion – forever searching for one another.

Okay, now onto my story…



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