#1 – The Haunted Mansion, Part III: The Rendezvous

After my last student left the Writing Center at 4:45pm, I did as I promised and left the window by the third floor fire escape unlocked and slightly cracked.  We had decided to wait until 11pm – by that time the library was closed, public safety would be out on calls, and it was unlikely that we were to be disturbed.

At dinner, George, being the horror movie expert that he is, reminded us how to survive a horror movie-like situation but reminded me, “As much as I hate to say it, Sharks, if things go wrong you’re probably going to be the first one to die.  You know, being Asian and all.”
“You say that as if I’m actually going to die, George!” I said, rolling my eyes.
“You know what,” he said, defensively, “you are definitely going to die because the cynic always dies!”


Nick and George agreed to meet us in front of Woodcrest at 10:50pm and, of course, they were late.

“Oh my God,” Erin panicked, “where are they?  What if they got caught?”
“Got caught doing what?  We haven’t even gone yet?”
“What if someone knows?”
“Come on, Erin – keep it together.  Don’t be such a tampon.”
“Ugh, Lauren,” she sighed, “I hate when you call me a tampon.”
“Then stop being one!  God, are you scared of Nick’s penis too?”
“I haven’t seen it yet!” Erin laughed.
“Well you never will if you don’t stop being such a nerd.” I giggled, seeing the boys approaching.

“Where the hell were you guys?” I demanded.
“Ugh,” George sighed, rolling his eyes, “boy wonder here had to change his shirt five times.”
“Are you wearing…a bathing suit?” I asked Nick, carefully gazing at the swimsuit like material covering his chest.
“It’s not a bathing suit!” he cried defensively, “It’s under armor.”
“Are we storming a castle?  Should I have brought a sword?” I asked, George giggling next to me.
“I think it’s sexy.”  Erin cooed.
“Oh please,” George laughed, “let’s just go!”

Nick and Erin walked ahead – George and I following close behind.  “Dude, who brings a wet suit on a mission like this?”
“I don’t know,” George laughed, “it looks ridiculous.  He’s the tampon to Erin’s vag!”
“Haha and here I thought Erin was the tampon.”
“I’m not a tampon!” Erin called back, setting George and I off on a tirade of laughter.

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