Internship: True Story, Part V – Lessons

They say everything happens for a reason – that there’s always something to learn from every experience – and most of the time, I find that to be true.  While Saveur’s social climate was reminiscent of my high school hallways and cafeteria, and even though it turned out not to be what I expected, it was still an awesome experience and I feel that I’m better for it.

Here’s a few of the things I learned along the way:

1.  Dreams are subject to change.

All I’ve ever wanted was to see my book on the tables and shelves of my local Barnes and Noble.  That was it for me.  But as I grew older, the dream became more and more about how I was going to survive…while living the dream.  Writing, like any art form, isn’t the most lucrative career when you’re first starting out.  It’s a lot of rejection letters and Ramen noodles.  But I was never in it for the money – I was in it because I have something to say.

You see, most parents (mine included, I’m sure, at some point) of actors, writers, artists, etc. always view their kids’ dreams and goals regarding their particular talent as “hobbies”…not careers.  I think one of the top ten things parents hate to hear is when their kid tells them that college isn’t for them and that they’re late for an audition.  But what most parents don’t understand is that it’s the 9-to-5 that’s the hobby.

So, in the interest of being financially independent, I knew I needed to get a hobby while I chased the dream in an effort to make a career.  I figured the best hobby would be working in publishing or as a literary agent.  Hence, the internship at Saveur.

However, after working at Saveur…I’m not sure if I can make it in publishing.  Seriously, if I have to work in another office with stuffy cubicles, no background music and passive aggressive staff I might just resign to working at Crumbs the rest of my life.  Honestly – cupcakes isn’t exactly the greatest path there is but at least I have a window.

Working at Saveur has depressed me so greatly and makes me wonder, “Is this all there is?” – rehashing old recipes in an effort to revamp old galleries, getting excited about Instagram filters, and giggling about how pedestrian the competition is?  I know Saveur is just one in a million and that all offices won’t be like this…but I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that isn’t.

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a writer.  While that is still true, the definition of “writer” has definitely changed for me.  And I hate to say that it’s very much a work in progress.


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