Here’s lookin at you, kid

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

I took a deep breath and tightened my grip around Delilah.  As I prepared to pull the trigger, I assured Ryan everything would be all right.

Yet before I could give Delilah the squeeze she needed to send Ryan and I to a better place, I felt Ryan’s hand penetrate the stab wound in my abdomen, tearing apart the stitches Devin’s father had so carefully put in, sending me reeling backward in an unimaginable agony.

It’s extraordinary the way time moves – one minute we were about to run away to Paris and the next we were preparing to Romeo and Juliet it in Devin’s father’s basement.  Everything happened so fast and yet it was as though I was transported out of my body, able to see all things taking place at a slow pace which gives one the illusion of being able to stop things before they have happened.

As I reeled backward, Ryan took hold of my right hand, pressed the barrel to his temple, and squeezed the trigger.

My ears exploded from the proximity to the shot, and I screamed as the tears ran down my cheeks, mingling with the blood from my ear drums.  I used my remaining strength to crawl towards Ryan, cradling his blood soaked head in my lap, just in time to see the light fade from his eyes – leaving me forever.

Devin barged through the door, two men behind him, tearing me away from the body to do god knows what with it.  Devin tended to my wound, screaming for someone to come assist him and I returned to the darkness.

It happened in the blink of an eye – one minute he was there, the next he wasn’t.  But despite the rapidness with which Ryan entered and exited my life, the speed with which we were about to make that journey to Heaven together and became separated, time slowed down enough to allow me to remember how he squeezed my hand tightly, and used his left to bring my head closer to his and said, “Forgive me, Lauren, this isn’t your time…but we’ll always have Paris.”

Ryan died a hero in that basement…and I lived a coward – his blood on my hands.

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