You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

“So wait,” Mr. Cupelli interrupted, putting his hand up to stop me, “I thought you said this was about Rich.”
“I’m getting there,” I sighed, putting my butt out, “I’m getting there.”
“At this rate, we’ll be going to trial before I hear the whole story.” he sighed, getting out a fresh legal pad.

I took a breath, preparing to continue my side, when an officer walked in, motioning for Mr. Cupelli to come hither.  Mr. Cupelli obliged and after a moment, achieved a great, big smile and bade the office adieu.  “Good news,” he sighed, walking back and packing up his things, “you made bail.”
“How?” I gasped, half-laughing.
“Nevermind that now – let’s get you the hell out of here so we can start working on your defense.  You’re in a world of shit, kid.  It’s time to start cleaning it up.”


Aside from my clothes, the only thing I was given was a silver key hanging from a yellow lanyard with Kai-lan’s, from Ni Hao Kai-lan, face for decoration.  I took a deep breath, followed Mr. Cupelli into the cab and asked where we were headed.
“You owe her a thank you.” he said.

It was then I knew where we were going, “Oh, I see.”  I said, searching for my cigs, “Well, it just so happens you’re wrong…I don’t owe her jack shit.”
“That may very well be, Lauren,” he laughed, “but you need my services and if you don’t get your ass off that high horse of yours and thank her then you’re going to be doing this yourself.”
“Fine,” I sighed, turning my gaze towards the window, thinking once again just how quickly things come to pass in this city.  “You’re a piece of work, you know that, Cupelli?”
“Nah,” he smiled, “I’m just a lawyer.”

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