Do or Die

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

Once again, I woke to find myself in a place that was not the bridal bathroom from whence I had come.  I was not on a Delta aircraft, butterflies in my stomach, wondering how much longer till I would see the Eiffel Tower – Ryan was not smiling, holding my hand next to me.

Instead, I found myself in the company of Devin and his father’s whispers.  “She can’t love you, son,” he said, “it’s over.”
“No,” Devin stammered, “I won’t do it.”
“You can’t trust a girl like that.” his father said, “She was about to go with him.  You’ve taken everything and now she’s got nothin’ to lose.”

And then it all came back to me.  I opened my eyes and the room slowly came back into focus.  I look towards their whispers and saw one of Devin’s many minions, scrubbing out the darkened red area where Ryan had perished.  And despite my attempts to remain strong, I couldn’t help but call out his name.

As I attempted to rise and meet Devin’s gaze, I found myself chained to the bed – helpless and immobile.  “Now, now,” Devin’s father cooed as he made his way over to me, “you’re in no shape to be going anywhere just yet.”
“Fuck you.” I laughed, rolling my eyes, “Fuck the both of you.”
“Now,” Devin’s father chuckled, “is that any way to talk to your father in law?”
“You’re not my anything.  Go on,” I said, motioning towards the knife in his hand, “do it then.”

Devin moved himself between us and stroked my hair backward as I attempted to avoid his touch, “Get your fucking hands off me!”
“Baby,” he said, “tonight is our wedding night…we should be spending it…”

Although I was chained to the bed, I still had complete control over one thing and if there was ever a time for me to excel at something, it was now.  I inhaled deeply and felt the buildup leave my mouth as I launched forth the biggest wad of spit directly into Devin’s smug face.

“Fuck you, Devin.”  I laughed, “Now, quit being a pussy, and fucking do it.”

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