To all the people who think the Steubenville rape victim is to blame

In light of the Steubenville rape trial, there’s been lots of heated discussion about what rape is and how it should be treated.  I find it kind of embarrassing that we still need to have conversations like this.  More than that, however, I find it even more disturbing that Buzz Feed was even be able to find something like this.

I’d like to address those 23 people.

Dear people who think the Steubenville rape victim is to blame,

There are so many things I would like to ask you.  For example:

Why is it that being a football player excuses one from any sort of blame or responsibility for their actions?  If I decide to go to my local 7-Eleven, shoot the man behind the register, and take all the money for myself wrong if I can, in fact, run thirty yards in less than ten seconds while holding a football?  Will my charges be dismissed if I can explain the difference between a two-point conversion  and a field goal?  If not, then why should the fact that the two Steubenville rapists were football players make any difference?

So what if she was a slut?  Seriously, what if she was a slut?  What if she slept with every guy in every town, in every country on this god forsaken planet until she got to Steubenville, Ohio?  And what if once she got there, she decided to “get drunk” and have a good time at a party?  And what if when she was at that party, she left and got into the backseat of a car with two local football players?  And what if when she was in the backseat, the two football players took it upon themselves to make the decision of whether or not to have sex with them for her, since she was too drunk to make the decision for herself?  Does her being a slut automatically mean she forfeits the right to make her own decisions about her body?  Does this girl being a slut mean that her answer is always “yes” when it comes to sex?  Is her being a slut, whore, bitch or whatever the fuck other names you want to call this girl a justification for being raped, recorded and ridiculed amongst her peers?  In short, does being a slut make a god damn bit of difference?

And how dare you people even think about how the lives of these two fuck wads is ruined.  Twenty-one is only a few years away before these turds can talk around free men and start over.  This girl can try her hardest to move past what has happened to her, but how is she going to convince others to do the same?  She is the victim of attacks on countless social media networks and has to live in a world where her attackers are greeted with sympathy.  I urge you to remember that the victim was drunk – not the attackers.  So, the next time you want to cry about how these two boys’ lives are destroyed, remember that these two boys actually destroyed not just their lives, but the life of this girl as well.

You people make me sick to the point where I can’t write anymore.  I guess I can take some solace in the fact that I was able to find your names and handles listed here.  I really hope Twitter bans you from attempting to deactivate your accounts so you can see what it feels like…if only on a small scale.

Lauren Sharkey


One thought on “To all the people who think the Steubenville rape victim is to blame

  1. Legit the most upsetting thing about this whole case is how fucking SORRY for the rapists these people are. OH NO THESE CRIMINALS’ LIVES ARE RUINED. Fuck that shit.

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