#2 – The Mattress, Part II

“The Mattress Debacle” (as it is now known) took place while Erin, George, and I were in our freshman year at Cabrini College.  We had met on Cabrini’s Day of Service.

Cabrini is a Catholic college and is dedicated to not only making its students well-rounded individuals, but also teaching them the meaning and value of community service.  All Cabrini students complete their day of service their freshman year, a few days before classes commence.  We were told that if you failed to complete Day of Service, you would be unable to graduate.  Like most things in college, we later discovered that this was complete and utter bull shit.  But anyway…

Now, Erin, George, and I did not know each other before Day of Service – but we became fast friends.

Erin and I lived in the all-girls dorm, Woodcrest and George lived in the co-ed dorm, Xavier.  The rooms in Woodcrest were designed to house two people so naturally, there were three to a room.  Erin roomed with this awesome chick named La Shaunna – their third roommate appeared on the first day, slept on the top bunk, and left the next day never to be seen again.

Unfortunately, I was not so lucky.  I originally roomed with two black girls – Tyrella and Naomi.  I didn’t mind the Jamaican flag or the fact that they smoked weed in the room.  I did, however, take issue with their Sunday night ritual of running Vaseline through their hair…and decided it was time to seek other housing opportunities.

That’s how I met Lindsey…and Lauren.


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