#2 – The Mattress, Part IV

Erin, George, and I were strangers to Cabrini snow.  We had come from varying parts of the north east where snow wasn’t a big deal.  So, we were a bit confused when we got an email from the cafeteria telling us that dining hours would be shortened due to the storm and we had best get there in time so as not to starve.

As per usual, Erin, George and I waited till the last fucking minute to get to the cafeteria and were lucky to get so much as a grilled cheese sandwich as they began to close.  As we inhaled our food, George gasped out the window and said, “Jesus Christ!  Look at that.”

Erin and I turned our heads to see what must have been a foot of snow with what looked like another foot falling on top of it.  “Oh my god,” I sighed, “what the hell?  Weren’t we just out there?  Where is it all coming from?!”
“We better get out of here, guys,” Erin said, “I don’t want to be stuck in the cafeteria all night.”
“Stop being such a tampon, Erin – we’re not going to get stuck here.”
“It sucks that we don’t have any sleds.” George pointed out.
“Yeah.” Erin and I sighed in agreement.

I bowed my head in disappointment, remembering all the times my father took my brother and me sledding – how we would stay out until dark and come home to my mother’s hot chocolate to warm our hands.  I looked for my phone so I could call him.  As I reached for it, one of the kitchen ladies came around and said, “Can I take your tray, dear?”

And then it dawned on me…I smiled and said, “No thanks.  I’m not quite finished yet.”


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