Fortune Cookie Say: Part III

It only takes the smallest of things to set off what scientists refer to as a clusterfuck – you pour yourself a bowl of cereal only to discover there is no milk, the DVR cut off the last five minutes of Fox’s New Girl, you go to take out your clothes from the dryer to find that you forgot to turn it on the night before…and your world comes crashing down.

I had just passed Bryan the popcorn and was taking off my coat in an effort to get more comfortable before we went on the cinematic adventure known as “21 & Over” (ps – you should go see it if you haven’t already).  As I took my seat and reached into my pocket in an effort to silence my phone, I saw three simple words, from the last person I’d expect to see them from:

Rich @#$%
I miss you.

I, of course, gave the highest of eye rolls before putting my phone on vibrate, and pulling my boyfriend’s arm around me as the lights began to dim and the coming attractions started to play.  After the movie, I checked my phone to see that I had no further messages and decided not to give any second thought to the one I had received before the movie.

In my life, there have been a lot of questions when it comes to relationships – why did my biological mother give me up for adoption?  Why didn’t Devin kill me that night? – but underneath all that lies one, universal question: why didn’t (insert name here) love me? And the possibility of finally getting the answer is greater than knowing better.

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