What’s Yours is Mine?

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian series.

Geraldine looked at me with cold eyes – if the lighting had been a tad bit brighter, I’d have expected to hear an announcer calling out our weights and statistics before the bell dinged and all hell broke loose.  The thing was, we didn’t need an announcer – she knew the moment she stepped into the apartment that it wouldn’t end here.  No, this was just the beginning – the tip of the iceberg as it were.  She was only just getting started.

And so, she did the thing all women do when they’re plotting their next move, she smiled at me, gathered her purse, rose and said, “Ah, so it is.”

As I attempted to close the door behind her she lifted her hand, gripping the door, and said, “I’ll be seeing you soon, my dear.  Try not to get too comfortable.”

With that, she turned on her heel and walked down towards the elevator.  I closed the door behind her, taking a deep breath as I locked the deadbolt.  I leaned against the door, exhausted from the brief interaction, and slid down towards the newly polished hardwood floors.  I smiled, thinking about how I had always imagined my future children would run and play on hardwood floors such as these.  I giggled as I watched my imaginary son chasing after our golden retriever – a rescue Cole had found in the park one day.

And then I thought about Geraldine – how many had come before me?  Cole and I had been so busy with planning our future that we had neglected to review the past.  Why wasn’t my name on the lease?  Was this his home or ours?

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