Runaway Train

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

“Ah,” he sighed, returning to me, “on second thought, you may have a brain tumor – it’s a common side effect of Geraldine’s visits.”
“Be serious!” I laughed, giving him a light punch in the arm.

Cole crawled into bed with me, placing his head on my stomach, “Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect it.”
“And you didn’t think to warn me that such a thing might happen?” I snapped, tugging his hair.
“No amount of warning would have made the situation any better, love.  You’d have prepared a speech, been on constant alert…it’d have driven you mad!”

“Ugh,” I scoffed, rising from the bed.  “Cole!” I yelled.
“Oui?” he asked, dreamily.
“What the fuck are we doing?”

“What are we doing, Lauren?” he repeated, getting up from the bed and wrapping me in his arms, “We’re making a life together.”
“Are we really?”
“Of course we are.” he laughed.

I took a deep breath, pried myself from his embrace and walked towards the doorway, “If we are, then why does it feel like you’re running away from your old one?”
“Can’t it be both?” he asked me, honestly.
“No…” I sighed, walking down the hallway, in hot pursuit of a vodka on the rocks, “No it can’t.”

Cole followed me in the kitchen as I opened the freezer in search of the Grey Goose I’d stashed upon our arrival.

“Why are the two mutually exclusive?” Cole asked.
“Because!” I screamed, snatching the bottle and slamming the freezer shut.
“Because why?!”
“Because I’m not your getaway car!” I screamed.  “Because I don’t want to be the girl you shacked up with to get away from some other girl!  Because I want a life of my own and not one that’s borrowed or stolen!  Because I want to come first…and not because I’m a jealous, crazy bitch…but because I god damn well deserve it.”

And with that, I left Cole in the kitchen, took the ice tray and Grey Goose in my left arm, a ricks glass in my right, walked down the hallway and slammed the door.

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