#3 – Drop It Like It’s Hot: Part I

I’ve always had weird luck when it comes to location – my house is a short walk from the best Chinese food on Long Island…yet my all-girls Catholic high school was next to a reform school for troubled males.  My parking space at school is not even a minute’s walk from the Red Mango…yet I have two classes on opposite sides of campus and only 7 minutes to scuttle across the quad.

But one location that always served me well was Cabrini’s. For the later part of my semester, I lived on the first floor where the AC and heat were always strong when needed.  But more than that, Cabrini was conveniently located next to Valley Forge Military Academy…and lord, there ain’t nothin’ quite like a man in uniform.

This is one of those tales that starts with a girl…and a boy…


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