Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

“When working with a knife,” I quoted as I adjusted myself over Devin’s body, “there are three major areas where you can end your opponent.”

As Devin laid on the floor, the pool of blood around him growing, he suddenly looked at me, knowing what I was about to tell him not just because he had studied how to combat with knives, but because he had also taught me how.

I guided the pen along his neck, “First, you could strike the neck,” I said, resting the ballpoint tip over his jugular, “but if you’re looking for a quick getaway, you go for the kneecap.  You have to be sure to pierce in between the joints, Lauren – you won’t have time to feel it out so you have to be sure.  But…if you really want to make your enemy beg…”

Devin’s mouth was overflowing with blood and I knew the end was near – unless he got to a hospital within the next half hour.  I tightened my grip around the pen, and rested it over his belly button.  I leaned in close, planted a kiss on his cheek and whispered, “This is for everything you’ve taken from me…and for all I’ll never get back.”
“Please, Lauren,” he called, as I heard his father fumbling for his keys – knowing I had his son on the verge of death.

Devin wailed a cry of epic proportions as I leaned onto the pen, piercing his skin and puncturing his stomach. And then, the darkness came for both of us.

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