Crime and Punishment

You are currently reading from the Prompt #2 Series.

The beeping of the EKG informed me that I was alive.  As the room came into focus, I attempted to check my wound only to bear witness to the fact that I was now handcuffed to the bed.  There was also an excruciating pain radiating from the left side of my chest.  I rose slowly to find gauze over a GSW that had just missed my heart.  To my right, I saw Devin – he was unconscious, no doubt a side effect from the massive blood loss.

It began to come back to me – Devin’s father had barreled through the door as I pummelled the Montblanc into his stomach, his crew not far behind.  I could feel the pen barrelling through his skin, knowing I would hit the organ in one second.  I saw Devin’s father’s hand stretch forth and put a bullet in my chest.

Of course, I thought to myself, they need me alive.  And as though I had thought it out loud, Devin’s father appeared over me.

His eyes told me he had been crying for some time.  He wrapped his hands around my throat and began to squeeze tightly, “I saved your fucking life, little girl,” he said.
“Is that so?” I managed to ask.

His look grew fierce, revealing the same smirk Devin had come to employ frequently and spat in my face, “Yes, I did…and don’t you forget it.  I saved it and now it belongs to me…you understand?  Only I have the key to those cuffs,” he told me as he revealed the key hanging on his neck, “and when I’m through with you I ain’t gonna turn you loose…oh no.  You almost took my boy from me…and it ain’t something that goes without punishment.”

He released my neck and as I caught my breath I called to him and said, “In all honesty, Mr. Brooks…your son tried to kill me first.  And bad boys always get their comeuppance.”
“We’ll just see about that…won’t we?”

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