Sunshine Blog Award

May 9th was a particularly difficult day for me – I had gotten into an argument for my mother, I’d decided to see how much I weighed and, well, I was burning the midnight oil regarding a twenty-page paper for the only class that actually mattered to me.

Patience, hope, and time were wearing quite thin until, in the right hand corner of my screen, I saw a little envelope, signifying I had mail.  Being the eternal procrastinator, and in dire need of a distraction, I saw it was from WordPress, informing me that Derek Childs had nominated me for the Sunshine Blog Award.  I don’t know if it was stress, exhaustion, or the sheer fact that Derek thought I was worth nominating, but I found myself moved beyond words…and shed a few tears.

sunshine_blog_awardThe Sunshine Blog Award, like the Liebster Blog Award, is a means by which you can connect, promote, and even collaborate with other writers out there.  So, here’s the breakdown:

I am supposed to give you ten facts about myself and then nominate ten other writers’ blogs whom I think you should follow.  I’m not sure there’s a whole lot about me that all of you don’t already know but I’ll do my best.  Here goes nothing:

1.  I’m addicted to shopping on ModCloth even though it’s insanely expensive.
2.  I didn’t think Silver Linings Playbook should have been nominated for an Academy Award.
3.  The three phone calls I made “that night” were to Chayne, Christian, and Diana…not my father.
4.  After watching Game of Thrones, there is a small part of me that wants to name my daughter Danerys.
5.  My mother thinks I shop at Old Navy because I’m on a budget but really it’s because they carry plus sizes.
6.  The only thing I miss about working at Saveur is the dumpling place next door.
7.  Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” is one of my favorite songs.  If I’m ever in a bad mood, I crank the volume up, roll the windows down, hit the gas…and it’s all okay.
8.  I sometimes worry that I’m making a huge mistake.
9.  I fear death on a more than regular basis.
10.  Sometimes I still fall asleep by the window, wondering if Peter Pan will take me away to Neverland.

…and the nominees are…

Derek Childs of totalovrdose
Cristian Mihai of
Friending Myself
Glenn Folkes
Sabatino of A Hot Cup of Love
Rob Swihart
The Love Manifesto
The Liaisons of Harlot and Flora
Jordan Latour

Thank you so much to Derek Childs for the nomination and thank you to all my readers.  I love you all so much more than you will ever know!


4 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award

  1. Hi hun, sorry to hear you had a stressdul day last week. Congrats on your nomination and thank you for nominating TheReporterandTheGirl! Have a better day today.

  2. Thanks, dude! As it turns out, it doesn’t look like this week is going to get any better. 😦 Rough times ahead, as always.

  3. Thank you again. Not sure if there is some rule which prohibits nominees from nominating their nominators. I am very appreciate that you believe I am worthy of the nomination. 😀 I have also succumbed to the influential aspects of Game of Thrones. If I ever happen to have a child, I want a daughter just like Arya, with the exception that I don’t want to suffer the same fate her father did. Best of luck in your endeavors!

    • You are an amazing writer and there is no one else who deserves it more than you do. PS – GoT last night was insane. I can’t even handle it!

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