The Return

Hey guys!  The week of the 13th has officially arrived and regular posts will be posting tomorrow on the 14th.  Sorry, but I’ve decided to give myself one more day to catch up and rest – hope that’s cool with all of you.

Anyway, here is where we left off with all the series, just in case you forgot (it has been a while, after all):

Top 5:  The Top 5 Category was “College Memories” – I’m currently taking you back to me and Erin’s interaction with some dudes from the military academy next to Cabrini College.

Trials and Tribulations:   After a conversation with her mother, accompanied by a vodka rocks, Lauren has decided to talk to Cole about his past…and their future.

Prompt #2:   Following a failed attempt to kill Devin once and for all, Lauren finds herself still clinging to life, vowing revenge to Devin’s father.

Sorry for the added delay guys.  Not only have I had a beast of a semester (which is still going pretty strong considering I have a final project and a final exam to take still) but work has been crazy and my personal life has been a bit wacky as well.  Please don’t lost faith yet.  Love you all!



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