#3 – Drop It Like It’s Hot: Part IV

The check-in desk is used by tons of colleges throughout the United States as a safety precaution against intruders to the dormitories.  There is usually a person at the desk from 8pm to the wee hours of the morning.  At Woodcrest, where Erin and I lived our freshman year, all guests (especially male guests) were required to leave an ID at check-in, and had to be out of the building at 2am.  And 2am, as everyone knows, is when all the fun starts.  So, Erin and I tried to concoct a plan that allow the boys to stay longer.

Now, Woodcrest was one of the two original buildings on campus which means it had limited entry points.  All the exits, aside from the main entrance, were emergency exits and would set off an alarm if breached.  Erin and I paced back and forth, trying to come up with something.

“Dude,” she sighed defeated, “maybe we should just sign them in.  It’ll be fine.”
“No way, man!” I shouted, “What if you only start making out with Dario at 1:59am?  Then what are we going to do?  Who knows when we will see these guys next?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Plus – who are they to tell us when to stop partying and who we can even party with?!  This is college, man!  This shit will not stand.”
“Maybe they can hide in the lounge or something?”
“What about the IDs?” I asked, before it occurred to me, “Holy shit, Erin!”

I grabbed hold of her wrist, dragging her halfway down the corridor and running into the study lounge.

“What the hell are you doing dude?” she asked as I made my way towards the window.

“I think I just found the way in.” I smiled.  Erin came to see what I was talking about and looked out the window to see the second floor balcony, located right above the entrance.  In broad daylight, it was nothing special.  But in the dark of night, it was convenient enough for them to hide in the corner as we pulled them up one by one.
“Nice.” she laughed.

Cue high five.


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