#3 – Drop It Like It’s Hot: Part V

Three rounds of beer and a game of beer pong later, Dario and Erin were making out in the corner while I weighed the pros and cons of the four remaining eligible bachelors…well, two remaining eligible bachelors.  Tom and Mark were brothers and throughout the course of the night, I got the sneaking suspicion there was a reason Tom followed Mark to military school.

The left me between Ethan and Danny.  Ethan reminded me of my neighbor, Brian, who I always had a crush on but who was never single.  However, Danny had a bit of a James Dean thing going on and, well, he’d already taken his military jacket leaving his muscles perfectly displayed despite his white t shirt.  It was a tough call – so I called for reinforcements.

Kate and Jackie from down the hall were happy to grace us with their presence, and Parrot Bay pineapple rum, and soon enough, I found myself alone with Danny.  But something terrible was on the horizon – waiting to fuck up our night.

You see, in the short time that Erin and I had been at Cabrini, we’d made a significant enemy – that of the second floor RAs, Jonelle and Debbie.  They were the kind of people who were RAs because they believed in the rules – not because they wanted a room to themselves.  They’d busted us once for having a visitor after hours and Debbie caught me with a box of wine the week before.  One more violation and we would be brought up on disciplinary action.

So, when Kate moseyed on over to Erin’s laptop and blasted our 90s pop mix…I knew trouble was on its way.


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