Secrets, Secrets can hurt someone.

You are currently reading from the Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian Series.

I returned with my beverage, plopped myself down into the loveseat and said, “Continue.”
“Look, Lauren,” Cole began.
“Wait, wait, wait!” I interrupted, waving my hands in the air, “before you start I just have one question.  When were you going to tell me?  Were you ever going to tell me?  Or were you just going to wait until our honeymoon to let me know…”
“Oh for Christ’s sake, Lauren, stop being so dramatic.”

“Dramatic?” I repeated, rising from my loveseat.  “Dramatic?!”

I sauntered over to Cole, slapped him across the face, and hurled my $17 high ball against the newly wallpapered wall and screamed, “No!  THAT IS BEING DRAMATIC.”
“Lauren, calm down.” he said, rising from his chair, attempting to hug me.
“Don’t fucking touch me.” I yelled, shoving him away.  “I’m a fucking homewrecker…it’s no wonder your mother hates me!”
“I don’t care what my mother thinks…”
“Well I fucking care!”
“Why?!  Why is what everyone else thinks so bloody important?!”

“BECAUSE!” I screamed, panting from how utterly angry I’d become, “Because I love you!  Because I want to spend the rest of my fucking life with you!  Because I’ve picked out furniture and flatware and linens trying to make a god damn home with you!”
“Lauren,” he sighed, “Lauren, I love you too…”
“Don’t!” I screamed, backing away, and grabbing my keys from the dish on the table, “It’s not that I care about what everyone else thinks.  I care about why they think that way.  So, I’m asking you now…why does your mother have no faith in us?”
“Lauren, it’s not all that black and white.”
“Answer the god damn question, Cole.”

He ran his fingers through his hair – no doubt seriously considering whether or not to come clean or to quit while he was ahead.  “It’s because…because Catherine is not the first woman with whom I’ve broken off an engagement.”

As the information began to make its way through my brain, I couldn’t help but laugh as I felt a chill go through my heart, paralyzing me from within.  “Fuck you.” I said, opening the door.
“Lauren, don’t – let’s talk about…”
“You know,” I said, taking one step out the door, “before we did this, I asked you to give me a reason.  Do you remember what you said to me?  You said that you wanted to make something with me – that you weren’t like all the other men I assumed you were.  You said that you loved me – said that you needed me…said that all you wanted was for us to be together.  I believed you.  I trusted you…but you’re just like them.” I took a deep breath, wiping a stray tear from my eye and put my hand up to stop his approach toward me, “When I told my mother we were together, she said I won the lottery…we’re all just a numbers game to you.  And me…well, I guess I lost.”

I closed the door behind me, and began to walk.

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