#3 – Drop It Like It’s Hot: Part VI

Perhaps it was the Cuervo that Kate brought over…maybe it was the fact that none of us, at this stage in our lives, really appreciated the muscles of a man who worked out on a regular basis…regardless, somehow we all found up in a single line, doing the macarena.

I found myself in such pain from all the laughter that I fell over onto Dan – locking lips with him in the process as Erin and Kate cheered.  Suddenly, Jackie turned white and killed the music to which we all “Boo”-ed.

“Shh…” she said.

And then…we heard it.  “Erin Lagarenne – this is Jonelle from down the hall.  It’s 2:30am – you need to turn the music off.”
“Okay,” Erin laughed nervously through the door.

Kate was completely trashed by this point and began to whine, “DON’T STOP THE…”

As I ran to cover her mouth, my foot got stuck in the middle of Dan’s six pack, sending me flying face first onto the floor and causing him to yell out.

“Do you have guests in there?” Jonelle asked, already knowing the answer.
“Oh my god we’re going to get in so much trouble.” Jackie whispered.
“Shut the fuck up!” I whispered as Erin looked to me with panic eyes, seeking a solution.

Kate and Jacking could take the hit of being written up – but Erin and I were completely fucked if we got caught.  I looked around the room frantic – searching for a magic wand to make Jonelle disappear when I saw it…staring me right in the face.

“Erin,” I whispered, “tell her you’re sick and stall her as long as you can.  Guys, follow me – we’re going out the way we came in.”

Darion smiled, one step ahead of me and began to remove the screen from Erin’s second floor window.


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