The Pet Peeves Professors Prompt

::Sigh::  As many of you know, I have a lot of issues with the higher education system – lack of customer service, how they proceed to fuck me when it comes to financial aid, etc.  But the most annoying part of the educational system has to be…the professor.

My semester officially ended on May 9th and here we are – days away from the beginning of June and I am still waiting on one of my grades.  Seriously…what the fuck? 

Now, granted that the final for the class I am waiting on was only taken on the 22nd – but it was a god damn scantron.  All you have to do is run it through the machine!  Shit – you could probably leave the whole fucking stack of scantrons in the scanner, go get a manicure, and have them be done by the time you get back.  What the fuck is taking so long?!  My first day of summer classes is tomorrow – let’s get moving.  You have one fucking thing to do – post my god damn grade.

The next issue I have is with textbooks.  Not necessarily the price of textbooks – I’ve come to terms with the fact that the price is the price and there’s really nothing I can do about it.  However, I’ve been checking the textbook assignments tab of Blackboard since I registered for classes a month and a half ago.  Yet, yesterday I received a bull shit email from the professor stating, “The main text for the course is

Ariew, Roger and Eric Watkins, eds. Modern Philosophy: An Anthology of Primary Sources (2nd Ed.). Indianapolis: Hackett, 2009. ISBN-10: 0872209784.

We’ll also add some supplementary readings from time to time, just to mix things up.

Please come prepared with the text for the class and a copy of the syllabus with you (posted tomorrow). Please read the following assignment before you come to class on Tuesday if possible (we’ll discuss reading and assignments further when we meet):

Modern Philosophers: General Introduction, vii-x; and Part I, Descartes Meditations and Associated Texts, pgs. 1-24.”

WHAT. THE. FUCK.  Thanks for waiting until two days before class to not only assign a shit ton of reading, but to let me know what the textbook is.  Seriously – are you new here?  And high five for announcing the text book during Memorial Day Weekend – surely that will help expedite the shipping process.  Good god.

She also added this little gem of advice as well,  “Please check back on BlackBoard over the next day or two for the syllabus and any announcements.”

Is this chick for real right now?  I paid $1,241.76 for this fucking class and I have to print out my own syllabus?  Really?  YOU’RE A GOD DAMN PROFESSOR!  You get your copies for free?  You’re telling me that I have to waste my paper and ink because you’re too lazy to enter the number of copies and staple preferences?!  Fuck you man.

Ugh…looks like it’s going to be one hell of a summer.


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