Decisions, Decisions

There are times when I look at my life and I feel as though I’m out of choices – as if the entire story has already been written and I’m just waiting to get to the end.  I can see myself making dinner as my daughter makes plans for the weekend and tries to come up with a good enough lie so I’ll be none the wiser.  I see Bryan looking up internet porn since our sex life has gone down the tubes post-Aidan.  And then, I’ll take a break from mashing some potatoes to think about all the things I could have done…

It’s not that getting married, having kids, and being forced to pencil in sexy time are things one should not do…or not look forward to doing.  It’s just that I feel as if having that life means casting another aside.  And as time goes on, I feel I’m getting closer and closer to having to really decide which adventure I want to take.  And I have the sneaking suspicion and fear that I’ll be left wanting…


5 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I totally hear you – if i could live a parallel life – i totally would, there seems to be barely enough time to cram in everything i want to do in my current one!!

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