3 Worded Surprises

Insert montage – The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” plays as William James Hawthorne III of the Connecticut Hawthorne’s takes me around Manhattan – the Met Ballet, dinner and drinks at The Plaza, making love in the kitchen as the first meal we’ve made as a couple gets cold.  The music fades and the camera settles over me laying in bed…

William exits my bathroom, tying his tie, getting ready to kiss me goodbye.  But something is different – he reaches into his pocket and places a key in my hand, tickling my ear so I’ll finally come to.

“What’s this?” I ask, still half asleep.
“That’s the key…to my place.” he smiles.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah.” he smirks.
“And what did I do to earn this key?” I ask, sitting up so we can be face to face.
“Oh, I think you know,” he says, kissing my lips softly, “Anyway, I’m going to work.”
“You go make dat money, honey.”  I say falling back into bed.
“All right, Thai tonight?”
“Sure,” I say, attempting to retrieve my Menthols from the nightstand.
“Okay, I love you.”
“WHAT?” I half-yell, cigarette hanging out of my mouth, lighter in my right hand encore-style.  “What did you just say to me?”

“Oh,” he laughs knowingly, “I love you.”

A smile makes its way across my face, “You love me?”
“Yeah, I’m surprised too.”

“Call the office,” I say, taking hold of his tie, “you’re going to be late.”



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