Move-In Day

As I watch him go for a second time, I pat myself on the back for lasting so long.  After all, I’d been in love with him since the night we first rolled.  “I just knew,” I tell my mother gleefully.
“I’m happy for you, Lauren.  He sounds like a nice young man – bring him ’round the house one of these days.  You work too hard.  You need to make time and come see your family.”
“I know, I know, mom.” and as I’m about to roll my eyes she says, “Don’t roll your eyes at me, Lauren.”
“Okay, mom,” I laugh, “I love you.”
“I love you too…and Lauren…be careful.”
“I will, mom.  Love you.”

As I walk into CuppaJoe’s that morning, something is different.  As I don my apron, I find myself wanting something we never really know we want until another person tells us those three, little words – a life that is more than the one we are given.  And not in the conventional, “I want to move out of this small town and make it big” kind of more…that more that comes from wanting to build a life with someone.  The kind of more that is greater than any adventure Peter Pan ever imagined.  The more that comes from two hearts becoming one…


Things are serious with William.  More and more of my stuff is at his place and he’s taken note of the fact that my lease is almost up.

“This is it, mom.” I say to her, weeks later, “I can feel it.  He’s the one.”

It doesn’t take long for her and my father to volunteer to help load my life into a U-Haul.  After all, they are anxious to meet him.  Lyla is ecstatic that things are progressing, and Joe rolls his eyes, “Will you actually get to work on time now that you live closer?”
“Maybe,” I laugh, clocking out.

As I walk out the door, I see Joe looking at me worriedly, as Lyla hits his arm lightly and they go back to work.  “God,” I think to myself, “would it kill the guy to chill out and just be happy for me?”


“Ninety percent of your shit was already here – where did all these boxes come from?” Will laughs.
“Jesus fucking Christ!” I sigh, dropping the last box onto what I had originally thought was the last box a half hour earlier, “Could I have any more crap?”
“You could but it wouldn’t fit.”
“That’s what she said!”
“Hey Laur,” Will says, grabbing his keys, “I’m going to be late tonight…”
“Shit I forgot,” I sigh, glancing at the clock, “good luck!”
“I promise I’ll help unpack when I get back.”



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