Snow Day Memories – Part III

My mother isn’t what you’d call overprotective…she’s just cautious.  Example, when my father would take my brother and I sledding, she insisted we wear no less than three layers of clothes.  The same was true the morning my parents and I decided that in order to avoid late fees, we would walk, as a family, to Blockbuster.


My parents are walkers – they walk everywhere.  Every Sunday they walk to boardwalk at Jones Beach.  But before that, they used to take a walk after dinner every night.  They walked what they called “the loop” – which consisted of walking along four main roads near our house.  It’s a good four miles…Blockbuster was on that loop.

It was my father who thought to bring the sled – after all, there was at least three feet of snow on the ground by the time we left.  Taylor, my brother, was three years younger than I and my dad thought he would need assistance making the journey to and from.  We put Taylor in the sled and began walking.  The first quarter of the loop was fine – we were all out as a family having fun, throwing snow…

But then my inner kid kicked in and I started to feel it…the cold wind in my face, that awkward middle ground between my mouth and my scarf, the layers my mother had so generously piled on becoming heavier and heavier as the snow slowly crept its way in.  By the time we were halfway there, I was face first in a pile of snow.



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