Lauren Sharkey is an Asian American writer, specializing in creative non-fiction.  She is committed to making each of her readers aware that although her work is exaggerated, and perhaps at times a bit fabricated, it is always true.

Adopted from South Korea at the age of three months in 1986, Lauren was then raised Catholic by parents.  Lauren attended Roman Catholic grammar and high school, graduating from Our Lady of Mercy Academy in 2004.  She subsequently attended Cabrini College for three semesters, before leaving in 2005.

Lauren continued her pursuit of higher education at Nassau Community College, graduating with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in 2009.  She is currently studying at SUNY Stony Brook where she hopes to obtain her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English along with a double minor in Writing & Rhetoric and Technology.

Lauren has confessed that she does not recall where her love of the written word manifested itself but attests that it is a vital part of who she is.  She has been quoted as saying, “I never intended to have a ‘career’ – only a life.  And that’s what writing is to me…my life.”.

Lauren currently resides on Long Island and is deeply committed to completing her education and publishing her work.


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