In Medias Res

“In Medias Res” is Latin for “into the middle of things” which, as all writers know, is essentially your default setting.  Whether it be a character, finding a publisher or simply putting food on the table – we are all inevitably in the middle of something.

I started this blog with no intentions.  I didn’t have a plan or a vision and I sure as shit didn’t think anyone other than my friends would read this.  But each and everyday I am proven wrong when I get yet another anonymous view.

It seems the word “writer” has taken on this completely different connotation post-Carrie Bradshaw.  Everyone has the same idea about who a “writer” is – it’s always some non-traditional girl who has a free spirit and doesn’t prioritze finding love but rather relishes in her battle against it.  A “writer” is a tortured soul who is brooding and mysterious – a man who meets a girl that makes him realize love is out there, thus making him able to execute the novel that’s been within him all this time.  It’s a load of bull shit.

Writers are people.  People are fucked up.

My name is Lauren.  I am a writer.  These are my confessions:

Trials and Tribulations of a Crazy Asian: Memoir of a Girlhood Behind Slanted Eyes

is what I plan to title my book (should I ever get published).  Each title is a different chapter, in chronological order, and the blurbs below are brief synopses.

The Food Service Chronicles

is a series I created for my friends and fellow comrades in the food service industry.   The posts are in no particular order and can be read at your leisure.  Please note there are different sections for each area of the house:

Hostess Hardships
Server Stories
Bartender Bull
The Terror of Take-Out

Work Sucks

is a series based on the million and one jobs I’ve had during my soon to be twenty-six years on this planet such as being a barista or being a slave to retail.

Remember that Time…

details the trouble, predicaments and awkward situations I’ve gotten myself into throughout the years such as:  the time I had a bomb, beating up my childhood friend in Barnes and Noble, and other crazy antics.



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