I would first and foremost like to thank my loving family, who has not always supported my craft, but has always, without fail, supported me.

To my mother:

Mom, I know we have had our fair share of fights…what I didn’t know is that you were fighting for me.  I value your support, your advice and cherish the relationship we have come to have as mother and daughter.  You are my rock, my lighthouse – my good man in a storm.  You are my heroine, and my home.  Mother.  Friend.  Confidante.  You are my everything.

To my father:

Dad, thank you for always serving as a beacon of hope in dark times and supporting my growth not only as a daughter, but as a member of this human race throughout these years.  I have cherished every laugh, every stolen dumpling and look forward to the roller coaster rides to come.  Thank you for teaching me the value of honesty, the importance of integrity and giving me the strength to go on.

To my brother:

Taylor, I know we are not particularly close and perhaps it is not our destiny to be so.  But you are everything I should have been – a role model, responsible, selfless.  I like to think that my failure inspired the greatness you have achieved, which I now will follow to, hopefully, my own greatness.  I am ever so proud of you, and the man you have become, and hope one day we can sit in each other’s company, as brother and sister, with some awesome beer.

To my friends (in no particular order):

Madison, Natalia, Hana, Jen, Katie, Lauren, Vinny, Pete, Donal, Christian, Sarah Jane and Caroline

And last, but by no means least…

To my beloved, Bryan:

Someone once told me I was beyond repair – that I was so damaged I’d never be able to sustain a relationship if one should happen to find me.  This fact is why I have no pictures of lovers past and why I never keep receipts – all would simply remain once everyone and everything was gone.

I started falling in love with you the minute I saw your swooshy hair.

You know me…and you love me anyway.  You’d never hurt me or let me leave with tears in my eyes.  You hold my hand even when I don’t want you to because you know deep down I need you to.  You accept me and don’t judge the things I have done.

You are so much more than a boyfriend or soul mate or any of the other cliche words used to describe such things.  You’re more than the perfect guy I’d been waiting my whole life to meet.  You are my whole heart – you’re what makes my life worth living.  Without you, I’d just be existing – I’d breathe in and out everyday but I wouldn’t know why.

There was a time, not so long ago, where I was dying.  It hurt to breathe and all I could do was cry.  I’d wake up sadder and sadder everyday.  The sound of my own heart breaking was all I could hear.  I was convinced my life would be empty – an eternal nothingness.  I thought maybe they were right.

And then you told me you loved me.  You looked at me and I saw myself in your beautiful, blue eyes and I knew…I knew it was real.

Bryan, you saved me in so many ways.

I love you with all I am and all I’ll ever hope to be.  I wans nothing more than to grow old with you.  I want to tie your tie before we go out.  I want to make your favorite (chicken parm) on your birthday.  You are the happiness I never thought I would have.  I promise I’ll love you today and everyday.


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